Ernie Pyle Human-Interest Profile Awards

The Ernie Pyle Human-Interest Profile Award recognizes the student work that best embodies the storytelling skills of the Pulitzer Prize-winning World War II correspondent.

In partnership with the Associated Collegiate Press (ACP), the Ernie Pyle Legacy Foundation has developed an award structure for students that follow in the human interest story telling style of Ernie Pyle. The goal is to make more students aware of this important role in journalism for the future. ACP is an award organization that works with Journalism Departments in most US colleges. Schools become members and each year the students are advised of what awards are available they can apply for. Scripps Howard Foundation, for whom Ernie worked for most of his short life,  has graciously provided a grant for this award. This is the only monetary award for students in the journalism field at ACP. We encourage all students to review the award and become familiar with Ernie Pyle and his writing skills which made him world famous and was awarded the Pulitzer Prize.

A total of $5000 is awarded yearly. First place is awarded $2200, second place $1200, third place $800, fourth place $500 and fifth place $300. 

Winners for the school year 2022/2023 were:

Winners for the school year 2023/2024 will be announced at the annual convention to be held in New Orleans, November 1st to the 3rd, 2024.